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Blog: Super Monday!

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You discover us today as a band DEPLETED of CA$H, for this day is the one known for e'er forth as SUPER MONDAY!

SUPER MONDAY! The day that both The Fall AND Half Man Half Biscuit release albums, and thus send at LEAST 60% of The Validators to record shops to, on average, by 1.67 albums EACH (I'm not that keen on The Fall). That is, of course, assuming that none of us got copies last week in Nottingham at a gig OR - terrifyingly - were SUPPORTING INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM by ILLEGALLY DOWNLOADING!

I'm now verging on my THIRD listen of "CSI:Ambleside" and, as ever, what sounded a bit familiar and vaguely disappointing on first listen is maturing into GRATENESS, with "Bad Losers On Yahoo Chess" the FIRST to become my absolute favouritest, and several others queued up to take over. NOTHING, however, IN THE WORLD will ever be better than the Pam Ayres' Pattis Smith tribute album on the inner sleeve. EVER.

Meanwhile, let us all PRAISE HEAVEN for the mercy that means The Wedding Present AREN'T releasing an album today. If that were ever to happen, we'd be financially RUINED!

posted 28/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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26 May for weddoes, phew, close call.
posted 28/4/2008 by CarsmileSteve

Fiscal Calamity: AVERTED!
posted 28/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

I craftily put CSI Ambleside on my birthday wish list: I just hope someone buys it me.

Now to go back and listen to their classic track "The Len Ganley Stance", quite apt considering the snooker is on and indeed it was Len's 65th birthday yesterday.
posted 28/4/2008 by Warren

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