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Blog: I Did The Show Right Here

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For several weeks now I have been PONDERING the content of my SHOW: "My Exciting Life In Rock". In various showers, trains, lavatories and workplaces I have been gently ruminating on how it would work, what songs would go in, and what stories it should include, HEAVILY influenced throughout by the wise words of Mr S Hewitt: "The best songs and the best stories".

Last week I managed to work out a rough SETLIST and over the following days gradually pieced together a rough idea of the stories - BITS of which I've tried out at recent GIGS. An Epiphanaic Moment in the SHOWER (best place for it: easily cleaned up) made me realise EXACTLY how I could make the whole thing hang together, and TONIGHT I sat down with the most recent DRAFT of the whole thing and did myself a RUN THROUGH. Here, chez moi, I sat in my room and TOLD the stories to an audience of guitars, computer peripherals and boxes of unsold CDs, PERFORMIMG each of the songs in full as they came along.

And blow me backwards but it WORKED! It DID seem to have some kind of point to it, the stories DIDN'T go on for hours with rubbish jokes, and the songs ACTUALLY MADE SENSE being where they were! I even TIMED it at 55 minutes, pretty much EXACTLY the right length, with a song near the start i can easily REMOVE if need be, and a song I can stick on at the end if it runs too short.

I am really really chuffed, and to prove it here is a picture of me sitting on my new Rolling Stones Bar-Stool (ROCK) clutching the very piece of paper it was all contained on:

I know you can't SEE The Show, but it IS there, honest!

Oh my oh my but I am a) pleased b) RELIEVED about that - you can probably tell. Now all I need to do is try it out a few times, get The Validators to learn it for the Indietracks version, book somewhere to stay in Edinburgh while we do it, and somehow persuade people to come and see it. But the hard bit, that's DONE!

posted 29/4/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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excellent work chap! i knew the show writing was the easy bit ;)
posted 30/4/2008 by CarsmileSteve

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