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I got suddenly Slightly Emotional at lunchtime, as I almost COMPLETED my mighty list of Things To Do for the album. A few months ago I wrote up a PLAN for me (and Mr Dresden) to work through, culminating in the release of the album on Monday - I did this because I was getting myself in a RIGHT old tizz about things and PANICKING about ever getting it all done. We've diligently followed this plan throughout the past couple of months, and today, by posting off my forms to the PRS, I did the last but one thing on the list. On Friday Steve's going to email our mighty mailing list, to let them know about the Approved Stockists, the gigs, the radio play and the reviews (and to gently hint that perhaps they might now like to buy the album), and then that's it! All the preparations and attempted hype is pretty much done, and all that's left is to go out and ROCK!


posted 16/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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