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Although I was sad to have the Winchester gig moved, as it means I don't get to ROCK the nation again for another couple of weeks, it does mean that i get to go to STOURBRIDGE on Thursday night to see Half Man Half Biscuit! HOORAH! It's going to be a torturous journey (try and get out of work early, DASH to St Pancras, expensive train to Leicester, lift to Woodhouse Eaves, then mad dash cross country to get there in time... the journey back will also include the BUS!) but it's always been worth it so far. BEAUTIFULLY i rang the venue to try and order tickets, and got through to a lovely man who just said he'd keep some tickets on the side for us! ACE!

Also, brilliantly, their next gig is at the Astoria, just TEN MINUTES from where I'm sitting right now. ZANG!

posted 18/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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