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Blog: By My Body BETRAYED!

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After a JOLLY and JOLLY BUSY weekend I got home tired but happy, but also EXTREMELY ANXIOUS. What was going on? It felt like i had THE FEAR, the MAD PANIC I occasionally get just before gigs and Big Things, but this time WITHOUT any gigs or Big Things to be panicking about. What was going on?!?

I was actually a bit... well, ANXIOUS about it. I know that unexplained ANXIOUSNESS is one of the symptoms of Proper Mental Illness, was THAT what was about to happen to me? I went to bed with heart and mind RACING and a bit WORRIED.

I woke up RELIEVED - AHA! NOW I remembered! As regular readers may know, i've got mild PSORIASIS (a.k.a. Scabby Elbow Syndrome) which sometimes takes a turn for the worse and becomes CELLULITIS (a.k.a. Glowing Red Bottom), the arrival of which, like Galactus, is usually HERALDED somehow. The Silver Surfer of its Heralds tends to be, with me, SWOLLEN ARMPITS and feeling KNACKERED. Sudden Anxiousness is more like Terrax The Tamer, but still counts.

THUS I took the only rest-cure available: BED, and spent most of yesterday sat there a) feeling a bit sorry for myself b) discovering that Series Two of Doctor Who is REALLY good and much better than I gave it credit for after Series Three. TODAY I am still ZONKED so will be back there in a minute, but have ANNOYINGLY realised that I'm going to have to CANCEL some Social Engagements. I was off to see The Fighting Cocks tomorrow night (featuring BBC Asian Network FILM CORRESPONDENT Charlie Flowers [1 hr 15 minutes in]) and now CAN'T which is EXTREMELY annoying as I've not seen them for ages, and then to Mr Pete Green on Thursday, who i HAVE seen rather recently, but still.

BAH! Also, BOO! CYBERMEN are not really sufficient compensation!

posted 2/9/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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get well soon! also listen on iplayer and how to switch css...
posted 2/9/2008 by Pauly

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