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Back To School... sorry, work, for me today, and the journey in offered the DELICIOUS PROSPECT of watching a bit of The Final Collapse Of Thatcherism on my way in, as if I get off a couple of stops early I can walk past a big branch of Bradford & Bingley. As I approached I thought "Naughty Hibbett! This is people's life savings and NOT something to be sniggered about, ESPECIALLY if you're secretly hoping to see a big queue of people taking their money out. NAUGHTY!"

However, I clearly wasn't the only person thinking like this, as outside were not one but TWO camera crews, the one patiently waiting for the other to finish THEIR "on the spot" report about the aforesaid Last Nail In The Coffin Of A Vile, Corrupt Ideology before they could hop up and do their own. The bank itself was DESERTED, except for one lady sitting at a desk, clearly ringing Head Office to tell them about it.

That is, I must say, one of the nice things about living in That London. National Broadcasters are SO London-centric, also LAZY, that pretty much every report on ANYTHING happening around the country will feature Stock Footage of chunks of central London. Working just off Tottenham Court Road means that most of the shops/banks I go to at lunch time have been on the telly at some point, and now every time there's a report on I think "Ooh, I wonder where that is?" When it's NOT somewhere I recognised I am momentarily PERPLEXED.

I did intend writing a song called "That's Capitalism!" trying to EXPLAIN how The Capitalist System works, as, while watching the news last week on holiday, there did seem to be an awful lot of people CONFUSED by it all. It seems that huge numbers of people have been wandering around thinking banks are CHARITIES who care for nothing but their much-loved customers and think that the mention of money is slightly distasteful, while The City is an institution concentrated SOLELY on ensuring that the economy runs smoothly and NOT AT ALL a bunch of venal shits who would - LITERALLY- sell out their entire family a) for a quid and b) just to make sure they weren't the last ones to do so.

I'm now put OFF the idea slightly because, with everyone now going Nationalisation Krazy and the Tories - THE TORIES!!!! - saying there needs to be regulation of the "very few" greedy people in The City (there are greedy bastards in The City like there are birds that fly - the occasional penguin sighting does NOT make it a Laudable Institution) by the time I get round to RECORDING it and playing it at gigs people will be saying "EH? What's that Comrade? Capitalism? Well, it rings a BELL I must say, but I'm not sure I'm with you. Do that song about Increased Productivity in the Data Mines again!"

posted 29/9/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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