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Blog: Choir FEAR

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The Melody In My Harmony and I went off to ADULT EDUCATION last night, to do some SINGING. I had the idea that it was going to be a bit of a SINGALONG, but as soon as we went in we were SEPERATED, she sent to the Sopranoes (NB singing, not Fascinating Adult Drama) and me (after being asked "What ARE you? A Bass? A Tenor?!?" and me having NO IDEA AT ALL - was it a TEST?) sent over to The Tenors. All I know of Tenors is that there were three of them, but there seemed to be a few more of us than THAT. Everyone seemed quite pleased to HAVE me there, as most of the blokes were sat nearby in the BASS section, but I couldn't help wondering if this was a SLIGHT on my masculinity. Or are Tenors the cool ones? WHO is the lead guitarist in a choir? I HAVE NO IDEA HOW IT WORKS.

Most other people there were old hands, so there was a bit of CHAT before we launched into our first song, and i was GRIPPED by TERROR as i had NOT A CLUE what to do. The VERY excellent teacher lady went through everyone's parts, and it seemed to me that while everyone else was doing TUNES we were doing STRANGE NOISES. It was all Ooh AAAH ooh AHAA ARGH LA LA BOING, or so it seemed, and I PANICKED that everyone else seemed to get it, while i DIDN'T. This too was made all the more SCARY by the teacher RUNNING over to listen to me and Other New Guy to check we were in the right SECTION... JUST at the moment when I'd almost entirely given up on EVER knowing what i was meant to be doing EVER AGAIN.

I got some REASSURANCE from The Leafs In My TeaBag during the break, after which we did "Big Yellow Taxi." "HOORAY!" i thought, "I know this song!" Once again though, everyone else was singing TUNES and we seemed to be YODELLING, it was all rather confusing. I also had to BERATE myself for feeling so - "HIBBETT!" I admonished myself, "Stop being so daft! You KNOW it will all work when put together, get on with it!"

When it was finally all over i STAGGERED out, my throat dry and my brain close to CLOSEDOWN, so The Food In My Meal took me out for a MUCH NEEDED BEER and some GRUB, during which I realised my shoulders were hunched in FEAR and STUCK there! As she said, it was me WAY WAY WAY out of my Comfort Zone, and though I know this is a GOOD thing to do, and that it will All Work Out In Time, whilst you're in it, the Uncomfortable Zone is rather... well, uncomfortable.

Still, back to it NEXT week, when we're getting PRACTICE CDs, so hopefully I'll be able to do some REVISION and not feel QUITE so scared. Anybody hoping for a solo album of CLASSICAL OPERA from me any time soon though, don't get your hopes up!

posted 30/9/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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bass and baritone are the best as ANY FULE KNO, tenors are a bunch of preening primadonnas ;)
posted 30/9/2008 by CarsmileSteve

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