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Blog: BBC Switchboard Overload

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I rang the BBC yesterday, ooh, it's me and the Prime Minister, we've both got their number. After listening through Steve Lamacq yesterday afternoon and him not playing the record (although, admittedly, playing lots of GRATE other stuff - I may have to continue to "check" whether they play my records for some time to come...) I suddenly PANICKED and thought "What if they have gone OFF the whole album? What if they now DON'T want me to go in?"

So I rang up, obviously, to see. The producer chap was LOVELY, he kept saying "Well done, by the way - good work!" which made me PLEASED. We're still GO for me going on the show next Friday too - ZANG! On the way in to work this morning The Love Of My Life asked whether I'd given any thought to what I'd say to Mr Steve Lamacq? Hmmm... just a little bit, yes!

GIRD THYSELF, Nation, I will soon be speaking!

posted 24/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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