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Blog: A Very Long Weekend (part one)

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My XTREME weekend of ROCK began on Friday, when I went to The Enterprise to see The Arndales, Pete Green, Pocketbooks and Sarandon. I'd been looking forward to it for AGES as it was a pretty AMAZING line-up and I was NOT disappointed, everyone was GRATE. The best bit, tho, was that the room was full of LOADS of delightful people, so I spent a very nice chunk of it wandering around talking to them. It was LOVELY - like a Saturday night in the Mag back in the 20th Century. My favourite bit was probably talking to Dandelion Radio's Very Own Rocker when he suddenly realised that he was wearing an A Million Ukeleles T-Shirt and got all flustered. Aah!

Saturday saw me up DEAD early to get to Sheffield. All went WELL and I was at the St Paul's hotel in the city centre bang on time. It was DEAD impressive - as often happens in Sheffield most hotels were BOOKED UP, so this was a bit more FLASH than I would have usually gone for - my room was HUGE and there was a SPA and POSH RESTAURANT and all sorts... None of which (well, apart from the room) i was able to utilise as I was heading off to the University for FUZZTIVAL, where I was doing TWO sets.

The first of these was doing My Exciting Life In ROCK. There weren't a HUGE amount of people there to see me though, thinking about it, there were probably more than had been to our busiest night in Edinburgh, they were just spread around a bit. One person who very much WAS there was Mr Steve Lamacq, which made the bit about HIM very VERY strange indeed. When i said "The broadcaster and journalist Steve Lamacq used to have a show called the Evening Session" I thought "As well you know, as you ARE him."

The whole thing went pretty well, I thought, and afterwards he didn't seem to mind any slight (SLIGHT) exaggerations applied to the story of how we got our Radio One Session, so I was MIGHTILY relieved, and settled into an afternoon of BEER with my GRATE Sheffield pals Steph, Jo, Penny and Lizzie, also Mr Lamacq, Ruth and - BIZARRELY - Russell From Pulp. He seemed to appear nearby EVERY time one of the ladies said "Ooh, I used to fancy Russell From Pulp" which was SURPRISINGLY often.

It was a GRATE afternoon, especially the bits sat in the Interval Bar drinking the ALE, so it was a VERY SLIGHTLY TIPSY Hibbett who took to the stage at 8.45pm to do THIS:
  • The Gay Train
  • Being Happy Doesn't Make You Stupid
  • (theme from) Dinosaur Planet
  • Do The Indie Kid
  • The Peterborough All-Saints' Wide Game Team (Group B)
  • The Lesson Of The Smiths
  • Easily Impressed
  • Boom Shake The Room

  • It was GRATE. I started off with The Gay Train because someone down the front requested it, and had a ROLLICKING time, packed with INCIDENT. Everyone seemed to get into the SINGALONGA bits really well, especially a RUDDILY DRUNK lad down the front who seemed to REVEL in me gently mocking him. It was possibly the success of BOTH of these that led me to decide to give some SAGE ADVICE to THE YOUNG PEOPLE... Even despite seeing my PALS down the front SHAKING THEIR HEADS to try and get me to stop. I told THE KIDS that they were "all fcuked", and they seemed to take it quite well, especially when I advised them to go and form Joy Division, like we used to do in our day.

    JOB DONE I packed up, had some MUCH NEEDED refreshment, and had an enjoyable couple of hours lurking, watching bands, and mostly chatting. It was, AS EVER, a lovely day out and after HUGS i got a VERY grumpy taxi back to the hotel, where I was VERY chuffed to be getting to be by midnight. I was KNACKERED, and there was still a whole lot of ROCKING to do!

    posted 28/10/2008 by MJ Hibbett

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