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Blog: And the pope said, to his mate...

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Went to distant STOURBRIDGE last night to see Half Man Half Biscuit, and as per they were GRATE. They seemed to do an awful lot of stuff from the very VERY early days, more, I reckon, than I've ever seen them do before (and as Tim pointed out, in Spreadsheet TASTIC detail last night, I've seen them a LOT. Though never as many times as he has...), and there were a couple of songs in there I don't think I've heard live before. Highlights were an EXTRAORDINARY version of "I Hate Nerys Hughes", a brilliant new one about tending the wrong grave ("you wouldn't know - you were 200 metres away") and a version of "Vatican Broadside" that really MEANT it, man. BRILLIANT.

In other news, Mr Lamacq played "You Will Be Hearing From My Solicitor" yesterday (no, honest, our songs just don't seem to come up on the tracklistings), and said it was from an album he'd "really come to love over the last month." Bless you, Mr Lamacq, bless you one and all!

posted 25/7/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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