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Blog: Some New Things

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Some medium ITEMS to FACT you with:

ITEM! The album "Two Of The Beatles Have Died", which I recorded a song for, should be coming out in MAY. You can hear a few of the tracks, including MINE, at their myspace page. It looks like being a KRAZY GRATE THING!

ITEM! I've just updated the GIGS page with the first few TOUR DATES and also an extra performance of My Exciting Life In ROCK in STOKE, Curry Capital Of Europe.

ITEM! Progress PROGRESSS towards the new album being finished - the actual albums should be back next week, we've LOGGED it with iTunes (and so on) and the physical distributors, mailing lists are being solidified and TOUR DATES are being booked. There's still a lot to do, but I'm beginning to see a time when, rather than PREPARING everything as I have been for the past three months or so, I'll actually be able to start a) DOING b) ENJOYING activities more closely related to ROCK! HOOPLA!

ITEM! And finally, I don't think I've put the COVER up on here yet have I? In which case, here it is:

NICE, isn't it? I hope it looks as nice when I've got a THOUSAND copies of it in our spare room!

posted 11/3/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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A gig in Bristol! I'll be there.
posted 11/3/2009 by matt

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