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Blog: We Created A Beautiful Thing

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The AAS 5th Birthday All-Dayer was UTTERLY FANTASTIC. To semi-quote the mighty Darius, there was SO MUCH love in the room, it was OVERPOWERING. Seeing so many of our lovely bands in the same place was wonderful, seeing them PLAY was even better, seeing them TALK to each other and DISCOVER new friendships was more beautiful than I can really express. All the people who came seemed a bit STUNNED to discover that, not only was it merely a QUID to get in, but also that they were getting a great big bag full of FREE records. Suitable AWE was expressed by everyone upon seeing the compilation album too...

The gig bits were BRILLIANT. Our set seemed to go down rather well, and i REALLY enjoyed it. You could hear the words! It was ACE! Tom especially seems to have impressed the Derby Massive with his skills, as well they should be. I managed to see The Chemistry Experiment, who just get better and better every time you see them (the second, EPIC, song they did was ASTOUNDING), and after them The Frightened Prisoners Of The Kraken did one of the best gigs i have EVER seen in my life - myself and Messrs Whitaker and Fleay stood down the front for the whole gig, GRINNING and, occasionally, HUGGING each other, so excited were we in the knowledge that WE had caused such a BEAUTIFUL thing to happen.

All the bands were ACE, actually - I kept trying to go and get something to eat, then thinking "Oh, I like this band though - I'll wait until the next one's on" before finally realising that i liked ALL of them. That's why we released their records, really. Another high spot though was the All Star Okey Cokey Karaoke (that was MY idea!). I kicked it off with "Clubbing In The Week", and then I bore witnessed to the triumphant return to the stage of Dr N Brown, who FINALLY showed The Kids Of Derby how it should be done with an GRATE version of "Dog On The Horizon".

Fantastic. From start to finish it was a thing of JOY and WONDER. Evening spending six HOURS hungover on trains trying to get home the next morning could not DIM The Light Of LOVE.

posted 4/8/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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