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Blog: Summer Of ContentedNESS

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Day TWO of The Tube Strike (HISTORY FACT for people of THE FUTURE - or, indeed, people of THE NOW who don't know/care - the RMT union called a strike which has drastically reduced the number of tube trains running today and yesterday) and I continue in my PLUCKY DETERMINATION not to be COWED by such things. The Blitz Spirit is running through my VEINS as i BRAVELY... er... stay at home.

And look! It's just gone 9am and I've ALREADY done some work! I am CAPTAIN PRODUCTIVITY! That's not to say that there hasn't been some non-work going on over the past couple of days although,of course. For instance, yesterday I had my first complete run through of Dinosaur Planet. Although a bit SHAKEY it seemed to work all right, and clocked in at a pretty much IDEAL 51ish minutes! HOORAH!

Talking of which, on Tuesday night me and Mr S Hewitt had a MEETING about going to Edinburgh, and came to MANY RESOLUTIONS. It all feels a bit TOO easy this time - we've got train tickets, a venue, somewhere to stay and are BOOKED into the programme, so all that's left to do now (apart from, you know, learn the songs) is to see about doing some PUBLICITY. I've written a first draft of the press release and am on the verge of booking a couple of PREVIEWS, but if anybody out there has any ideas for ways we could ALERT people to the existence of Dinosaur Planet then I would be very pleased to hear them!

Meanwhile I also wrote and recorded another song for an ADVERT - it's AGES since I've had one of these to do, so it was nice to get back in the GROOVE of it, tho as usual I doubt anything will come of it. It was a FUNKY tune, mind you.

And now it's back to WORK-style WORK. Nothing if not diligent!

posted 11/6/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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