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Blog: The Dress Rehearsal

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And so a small ragged band of us gathered upstairs at The Lamb for the first proper public performance of Dinosaur Planet in its entirety. I was a little bit nervous about it but also quite EXCITED - it's been bubbling around in the background of my head for a year and very much in the FOREGROUND for at least a QUARTER of that time too. I was looking forward to TELLING the story to people!

I'd not PLUGGED it too hugely ("No facebook group!" as Mr J Kell pointed out, surely the very EPITOME of Not Plugging It Too Hugely) because a) I was expecting it to be a bit ramshackle with ERRORS and things that needed changing and b) I didn't want to distract attention to the Proper Press Launch the week after next. I was thus surprised (i.e. PLEASED) to find quite a few people turning up, not least a Mr P Baker of Arizona, USA, who HADN'T actually come all the way over the Atlantic JUST for the occasion (he claimed, anyway) but HAD made the big effort to get over and see the show. I hope it was worth the effort sir!

Almost EXACTLY on time I started the show... and it actually went pretty well. Much to my astonishment I do actually appear to have LEARNED most of the words, both to the songs and the bits in between, and apart from some confusion about the words "Dinosaur" and *ANOTHER WORD* (SPOILERS!) which crops up quite a bit in the second half, I think I got it all pretty much CORRECT. I was a little thrown by people not CLAPPING after the first song - easily corrected by me saying "Please CLAP", NOTHING if not SUBTLE - but otherwise THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself, which is probably why it expanded from its usual running time of 47-48 minutes to 54. If it's 54 minutes long when I'm showing off as much as I was doing last night, then I think we're going to be FINE to fit it into the hour long slot in future!

I had a GRATE time, I think everyone else enjoyed it too and I was ESPECIALLY delighted to find that, when asked "Did you understand the story? Did you get the link between *SPOILER* and *SPOILER*?" people said "OH YES!" Maybe they just wanted to stop me explaining it ALL OVER AGAIN, but it was a relief to find out it made some kind of sense.

It was also a little bit of an anti-climax - I was expecting REAMS of NOTES to make changes, but the only problems seemed to be me mixing up EAST and WEST (it's confusing!) and that thing with "Dinosaurs" and the other word. Otherwise, I think we've got ourselves a show! PHEW!

posted 10/7/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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