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Blog: Preview TWO

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I headed off to Nottingham last night for the second Dinosaur Planet preview. I got myself booked into the Ibis - AMUSING MYSELF as usual by doing the "Oh! My usual room!" GAG when I went in - and then strode round to Lee Rosy's where not much was going on. AS SUSPECTED everyone was over the road in the PUB, where I had a DODGY pint of Pedigree then a significantly nicer half of Black Sheep. I don't think I've ever tried it before, despite The Tiger wearing their t-shirts at most gigs, but it was very nice INDEED.

Back over the road I had a cup of coffee and managed to GRAB three or four people who'd come in looking for the show - we were playing downstairs this time, so it wasn't immediately obvious it was actually going to occurr... apart from the man saying "YES! It is ME! DON'T GO AWAY!"

Downstairs I got set up and watched a HEALTHY STREAM of people file downstairs to pay their money, take a BADGE (they arrived yesterday, they are GRATE) and sit themselves down - I was quite impressed by the turnout, about 25 people I reckon!

The show itself went pretty well I think. I started off using the PA, thinking it'd be good practice for next Tuesday when I'll have to use one, but it was such a small room that it felt DAFT. The smallness of the room, and lack of ventilation, meant that it also got EXTREMELY hot in there - man alive, I was sweating like I used to when I was Significantly Heftier than I am now! It all seemed to go pretty well tho - many people were sat with a look familiar from last time, combining slight UNEASE that I could SEE them, but also a sort of RELIEVED SURPRISE that it wasn't a load of old rubbish and, indeed, seemed to WORK.

I know exactly how that feels! I still apparently did the thing of mixing WORDS up, which I'll have to keep an eye on, but otherwise it all seemed to go well, especially "Fighting For The Fate Of The Earth", now with added "WHOA-OH-OH!" throughout.

When it was all over, and with clean t-shirt put on, I joined everyone over the road for a bit of an old chat and a couple of beers, before we bid our farewells, pledging to meet again in just over a week at Indietracks. Indietracks is only a WEEK away! ZANG!

posted 17/7/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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