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So, they've announced the Mercury Prize shortlist today and we're not on it.


This does however leave me in something of a privileged position: every year when The Mercury Prize shortlist is announced ALL BANDS EVERYWHERE have a REALLY GOOD OLD MOAN about it, complaining, in a round about way, that they're not on it. The RESPONSE to this is quick and sensible: did you ENTER, eh? Did you? And of course, bands being bands the answer is generally "Eh? you have to enter? What? I am in band and therefore to hopelessly feckless to do that!" and thus they must legally CEASE and DESIST their whingeing.

The same thing probably applies to anybody else - you cannot moan about The Mercury Prize unless you have actually ENTERED. Well, i HAVE entered BUT have decided NOT to complain about it* but rather to FRANCHISE OUT the MOANING RIGHTS to anybody who would like them.

The terms are quite simple: the next TWENTY people who buy a copy of our album, The Mercury Prize Contender (do you think I can get away with that? It is at least FACTUALLY CORRECT) Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez direct from the website, will be LEGALLY ENTITLED to moan about it as much as they like. It'll take 20 sales to get back the money I spent entering, so I think that's fair enough, don't you?

So, come one come all - the shop is open, buy your moaning rights NOW!

* the only one I've actually got off the list is the Glasvegas album... which is shit, but I knew that was a possibility before I bought it.

posted 21/7/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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