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It's been brought to my attention that I made an ERROR in yesterday's reportage - Let's Whisper were NOT the first band of the evening, I got so excited thinking ahead/backwards to the Friday night gig i skipped RIGHT past Tafra. Sorry about that! Tafra was two lovely chaps who we were speaking to earlier, hence GUILT for skipping over, who did one long PIECE with computerised music accompanied by DRUMS, over which there was what APPEARED to be a spoken word POEM but, I think, was actually a series of Facebook updates. It was rather clever, and it's SUCH a good idea that I'm surprised not to have heard someone do it before - it told a proper story in a NEW yet FAMILIAR way. Why, one might even said it was the 21st Century equivalent of The Epistolary Novel, if one were being SHOW OFFY!

Meanwhile in downtown London plans are afoot for a continuation of the recent string of GLAMOUR GIGS - I'm off to Edinburgh on Thursday, and will be making plans for a semi-Validators/POWER TRIO Tour Of GERMANY when I get back. And tonight: CROYDON!

posted 4/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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