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Blog: Collywobbles And Communism

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YIPES! You discover me this morning all of a WITTER, as I am mid-packing for Edinburgh. I'm meeting Mr Hewitt and lunchtime on the TRANE heading NORTH and I'm WHITTLING about packing everything I need, catching the train OK, finding the flat etc etc. I had a DISTURBED night full of dreams of FORGETTING and HASSLE and RUNNING and ... er... taking Leonard Rossiter's place in a revised combination of The Count Of Monte Cristo and the original Reggie Perrin. Which was set in Peterborough.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll just have the MILD CONCERN about actually doing The Show... and people coming, and the venue still letting us have our slot, and remembering the words and AAAAAARGH! PANIC!

CALM! CALM! I'm going to take my laptop with me to record EVENTS, and hopefully I'll find a way to update these pages while I'm away, but if you're SUPER EAGER to know what's going on I'd heartily advise watching my twitter page, as I'm bound to updating that one A LOT. THRILL as I report how the show goes! GASP as we go for yet another curry!

In the meantime, here's a really rather lovely piece in The Morning Star by Mr Chris T-T about The Mercury Awards and other things, featuring ME!

Right then, back to the packing - is it Beer O'Clock yet?

posted 6/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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