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Yesterday began properly with a visit to Fringe Central for the Meet The Media event. There was a LARGE queue which we joined just behind someone in a chicken costume - honestly, the things some people will do for publicity! - and Steve had time to... er... change into the SPACE DINOSAUR costume as the queue slowly shuffled forwards.

We got in to find a succession of queues for the various media organisations that had turned up, and I went to see an online guide (who answered my pitch by saying "How interesting, go online and fill in a form to request a review" which made it all seem slightly pointless. Still, Steve was in the queue for 3Weeks who seemed more receptive when we got to the front, then we joined the queue for The Press Association which handily split in two, me staying on for them (who were also very easy to talk to, but appear to be only reviewing two shows a day) and Steve hanging on for The List. The man there had only just sat down so was still in Listening Mode and we did at least make him LARF with our GIDDY ENTHUSIASM.

I'm not sure that it'll make much difference to getting a review, but it was good fun hanging around chatting to other performers, including Matt who's doing the OTHER dinosaur show and some people who'd had The Curse Of Macbeth fall on their play ABOUT Macbeth- they're Lady Macbeth was in a road accident. We DID ask if she was OK - she is - before saying "That'll be a GRATE press story!" so we haven't gone TOTALLY Showbiz just yet...unlike the guy from The Sun who looked like he was in a student union production of NARNIA, playing The Lion as a particularly satirical portrait of The Bee Gees in their Disco Pomp. I think he may have MEANT to look like that, thinking it COOL, but more people seemed to take his picture than of those in Actual Costumes.

Our plans to then go and see a show were THWARTED by us being unable to find one we even vaguely wanted to see that was a) ON b) not sold out, so instead we went and did some flyering. Well, Steve did, I had a cup of tea and HID because I really don't like doing it, it FRIGHTENS me. He didn't have much luck so instead we went for a bit of a drink and felt a bit DESPONDENT.

Our DESPOND was soon lifted, however, by the site of someone wearing a Million Ukeleles t-shirt, OH MY that really cheered us up, and we went our seperate ways, Steve to do some more RE-POWERED Flyering, me to get set up, like men reborn.

Soon it was SHOWTIME and it all seemed to go pretty well. We'd sold FOUR tickets and got all excited when we DOUBLED that number of people coming through the door, especially when one of them was Adam Plimptons. There were a couple of bits GABBLED during the set and a verse of "A Little Bit" was re-written on the FLY but otherwise all was well and everyone seemed to enjoy it, so we went off with the freshly arrived Dr A Thomson for a WELL EARNED PINT.

That done we went an sat in The Teviot, where we felt VERY VERY OLD INDEED before going in to see The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Company's show, which was dead funny VERY much in a BEANO style. There were some bits that were slightly rude but only in a Tipsy Uncle sort of way, and even the Swine Flu and Michael Jackson jokes felt like they were old friends come round for tea. It was lovely really, and the OLD OLD joke "You'd think he'd be able to spell 'can't'" got a HUGE laugh, possibly for the cheekiness of DOING it. It was GRATE and we left with BIG old smiles.

And then, I am proud to say, we came home for an "early" night, KNACKERED from all the showbiz. I watched Posh NARROWLY lose to Derby and then went to bed, where I found that The Swingers Club were back in full swing but didn't appear to be having quite as EXCLAMATORY night as last night, so I got a HEARTY night's sleep and now we're up and awake listening to the cricket. The plan today is to see MORE shows and drink LESS beer before hitting the stage - we've sold nearly 30 tickets tonight, we need to be on TOP form!

posted 9/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Very much enjoyed your show. We were 2 of the eight and are still singing dinosaur planet. woah woah. Thanks for a great one hour.... we will wear our badges with pride
posted 15/8/2009 by Anonymous

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