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Yesterday, true to our word, we did indeed see more shows and drink less beer before SHOWTIME, and it seemed to work out pretty darn well.

Our day began with a baked bean fuelled ATAK on The Royal Mile, with the Dinosaur/Dinosaur Support Team kicking into HIGH GEAR. After discussion and analysis we'd decided that having "It's a one man ROCK OPERA!" as out opening gambit wasn't working out, so we switched to "Space Dinosaurs Madam?" instead, which worked A LOT. Following this up with "Explosions! Car Chases! Giant Robots!" HOOKED IN all but the most determinedly anti-flyer, then we went for the kill with "IT's AN HOUR OF THRILLPOWER!"

If there's ever been a BETTER slogan than "AN HOUR OF THRILLPOWER!" then I have yet to hear it, and we retired VICTORIOUS for a well earned first pint of the day at 3 o'clock. Three o'clock! It's like we are MONKS or something!

We then went to see what would turn out to be our only show of the day, but WHAT a show it was - Gavin Osborn! I don't think I'd even really heard of him before we bumped into him in the street the other day, but Steve assured me I would like him and OH MY WORD but he was CORRECT. The easiest way to describe him in current company would be to say he's like an improved, refined, next level up version of ME. HIGH PRAISE INDEED!

What I mean to say is that he did similar sorts of things to me, but MUCH BETTER. He was FANTASTIC - an hour of AMAZING songs, all of them funny, romantic, deeply moving and TRUE. When he finished with his INCREDIBLE song about being over thirty I felt a) MOVED b) like I might as well RETIRE. I bought a CD and will DEFINITELY be going to see him again. A LOT! It was one of the best gigs I've seen in YEARS - anyone who comes up to The Fringe, he's on downstairs at the Tron at 3.45pm for a fiver, go and see him!

Now even MORE revved up we headed out for some FLYERING ACTION around the Hullaballoo and Potterrow, where I found new COURAGE to do it properly now that I was armed with "Space Dinosaurs Sir?" and "AN HOUR OF THRILLPOWER". I did still find some of it frightening tho, and I have yet to get used to the REJECTION. It's lovely when people look interested, but still DEVASTATING when they tell you to fcuk off. I am too DELICATE for The Commercial World!

Soon it was SHOWTIME - we knew we had nearly thirty tickets sold but then had an AVALANCHE of walk-ups so by the time I hit the stage there was nearly FIFTY people in there! WAHEY! This also made it the best show YET as there were LARFS APLENTY throughout - i still messed up a little bit but did at least find a way to get out of my ongoing confusion mixing up the words "Dinosaur" and "Giant Robot". It could happen to anybody!

Once everyone had been thanked (elsewhere in The Multiverse i am a VICAR shaking hands as people leave the wedding ceremony) we headed for the PUB with Mr Matt Brierley, who's doing a show about whether T-Rex was a pack hunter or not. Then there was TEA, a vague attempt to see if there was a show we could watch, and then BEER before I admitted defeat while Steve went off to a DO.

All in all it was a heady day in SHOWBIZ. Today The Boards Of My Stage arrives, we've got some reviewers coming, and we're hopefully going to see Richard Herring. Let's ROCK!

posted 11/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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