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You find me today IMPRESSED with THE FUTURE, for I have managed to connect my old laptop to WIFI. I have no idea how I did it, but it's AMAZING - I ALSO managed to get the washer dryer to DRY some clothes! Truly, we live in Amazing Times!

Anyway, yesterday we were up at the crack of NOON and into town to watch "SuperClump", a sketch show that was Actually Quite Good. It's YEARS - DECADES - since I last saw a sketch show, probably since I was last doing one myself, so it was a LOT of fun to see one again.

Then I popped to the train station to collect The Luggage In My Suitcase who'd arrived for a flying, much needed, visit, and we HIKED through a very busy Royal Mile HOME before heading back out again to meet Steve. We had a CONFLAB about what on earth we were going to go and see - everything is EITHER on when we are OR sold out - and then it was SHOWTIME.

I was a bit nervous about this one as I knew we had PRESS in, and this DID lead me to make an almighty cock-up, doing two songs the wrong way round but a bit of FAST EDITING saved it and I think it went OK. The reviewer lad seemed to be VERY SERIOUS throughout, so I somehow doubt we'll be getting FIVE STARS, but most people seemed very happy. It was odd - there were much less BIG LARFS as compared to yesterday but afterwards much GRINNING and NODDING OF HEADS. Perhaps the STORY is so CAPTIVATING it doesn't leave room for LEVITY?

Job done we headed across town, crossing Princes Street for the first time this week to see a chap called Rob doing a show called "Army Of Dorkness". It was good, tho contained slightly more Normal Stand-Up and slightly less Extreme Geekiness than I was expecting. He answered my question about the ending of "Watchmen" CoRRECTLY ("It's more elegant in the film") tho, so all was well.

We then popped nearby for TEA before a STROLL home, a quick LASTIES in The Blue Blazer (still GRATE) and then to bed. Today's a day off so we're up and about (well, nearly) and heading out for some show's in a minute, for LO! DAY OFF!

posted 11/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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