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Blog: A Taste Of Normalcy

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Friday got off to a VERY civilised start as I basically sat around the house doing NORMAL type things. There was telly, there was laundry, and there was even a proper lunch (bought from Ye Olde Worlde Vegetarian Shoppe) with PASTA and EVERYTHING. Lovely!

This was all due to the fact that showtime wasn't until 3.30pm, and I felt VERY virtuous getting into Medina just after 3pm having not had a DROP of booze passing my lips. This did, however, appear to make things feel a little bit hard going for me - it seemed to be extra dark too and as there were only a few people in I couldn't see or hear much to work out if people were enjoying it. I think they did!

I then heading out into the CHUCKING RAIN to go and play a spot at Marcus Ryan's Preview Show over on Leith Street. I'd love to do more things like this and I had a LOVELY time doing a few non-Dinosaur songs, including "Boom Shake The Room" when, for the first time EVER, I did "Are you ready for me yet?" and a lone still voice said "No." The whole hour was really good, especially Marcus Ryan himself. There was an amazing difference between speaking to him beforehand and during the show, when he seemed very nervous and shy, and then seeing him on stage being very confident and even doing the whole "where are you from" bit with LARFS.

I then STORMED back across town, hoping to drop my guitar off and have time to see Anna And Katy. However, just as I was closing in on MEdina I realised they were at a More Distant Venue than I thought so, once I'd barged past the LARGE queue for the Doctors' show later, I decided to SWITCH SHOW and went to see the slightly later Hugh Hughes instead. It was LOVELY - very theatrical really and moving, also very different and GRATE. EVeryone walked out into the rain smiling and feeling WARMED.

I met The Hewitts and we went for a Surprisingly Nice tea in, i think, The Fat Cow - loud music, bouncers on the door, shiny furnishings and screaming crowds of Young People, it all said "FLEE!" to me, but the food, also service, were dead good. IT was also handy for The Teviot where we FINALLY got to see Axis Of Awesome who were brilliant. We've seen some EXTREMELY good stuff this year and they were one of the BEST, though the EDGE was taken off things for me a bit at the start when we walked into THE ROOM OF TERROR! The room where, all those years ago, Simon and I, then just ME, DIED A TERRIBLE COMEDY DEATH for six long hours. I joke about it but it did really HIT me and, all this time later, I still felt a bit AFEARED.

All was well by the time the show finished so we popped into The Blue Blazer for a quick drink, finding it full of AN ORCHESTRA, so wandered into The Grassmarket for a couple more. Living in That London I've got out of the habit of having several nice pubs within walking distance of my house, so it was a DELIGHT to be reminded of what a handy thing that can be. We ended up talking to some people from Dumfries before wending our happy way home.

And that's nearly it - one more show, one more sleep, and this time tomorrow we'll be waiting for our train home. It's gone VERY quickly, and it's been GRATE!

posted 15/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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Wish I'd read this blog before I thought about heading through to Edinburgh to see the show, I thought it was on in the evening...."Schoolboy Error!" Sorry Mark!

Anyhow..It seemed to go well..Review in the Herald and everything!!

posted 15/8/2009 by Gary Urquhart

Bugger! Sorry about that, hopefully we'll have it up to Glasgow for the Comedy Festival tho!
posted 17/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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