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Blog: The Final Day

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Our last full day in Edinburgh dawned, as so many before it had done, shortly before NOON and myself and The Hewitts were up, about and into town at the ungodly hour of about 2pm. Steve went to do some Space Dinosaur Flyering, Meg and I went to the PUB. After the previous day's Slightly Too Sober performance it was VITAL to the artistic process to get my beer levels correct. IT WAS FOR ART. In the pub I said to Meg "Do you think Steve might dance THE HORNPIPE in costumer today?" If you have seen the show you will know this is not the most ridiculous question to ask. She told me no, he probably wouldn't do such a thing.

Re-united we trooped off to the venue to get set up, and were soon MILDLY BESEIGED by people coming in, lots of people! All right, probably not as much as whoever's in The Big Pleasance Room, but still it felt good to us, including as it did many pals and especially Mr Ben Moor, who had recently arrived in town for the book festival. It also featured someone who we'd bumped into on the way there, requiring a second flyer as a) she'd lost hers but b) really wanted to come. EFFECTIVE FLYERING!

Maybe it was the end of term feeling, maybe it was the drink levels, probably it was just the fact that we had a nice big crowd, but for some or all of these reasons it was the best show YET. There were extra laughs, there was Dramatic Physical Enactment and, best of ALL, there was a display of THE DINOSAUR HORNPIPE! Afterwards we agreed that if only Steve had done this in ALL the shows we would DEFINITELY have five star reviews. AND A WEST END RUN READY BOOKED.

Full of the joys of ROCK we retired to The Pleasance Dome, before I thought it best to nip home and drop off the guitar and my bag, which contained a recording of the show. That done we descended into a gentle toddle around a few pubs, getting to hear "National Shite Day" appear unexpectedly on the jukebox in The Oold Hoose before I had to admit defeat and head home early, KNACKERED.

Next day we were up the earliest we had been all week, pretty much, to do a big tidy up before the ceremonial Throwing Away Of Unused Flyers. It was a MARVELLOUS moment and felt very much like the end of the run. All that was left to do was HIKE to the station and enjoy a CALM but LENGTHY trip back to London.

We said our goodbyes, resolving to meet again this coming Sunday (at The Hangover Lounge at 5pm for the VICTORY LAP - if you're in London come along, it's FREE!). As I trudged home on the tube I thought "Aah well, that's a week and several previous weekends hanging around in places where everyone is REALLY NICE. Suppose I'd better prepare for London Miserables now." However, just as I turned the corner into the alley at the end of my street I noticed an extremely fluffy black and white cat looking at me, standing halfway through some railings. I said hello and carried on my way, when someone came the other way and said "Is that cat all right? Is it stuck?" we both turned to go and check, both said hello to it and, possibly nervous of the attention, it SCARPERED. "That's all right then" said the mysterious stranger and, with a smile and a wave, headed off. I went home with a great big glow inside me.

posted 17/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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