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Blog: Hangover Lounge

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Sometimes I am ITCHING to get out there and ROCK, sometimes I am too KNACKERED and want to go to bed and sometimes... well, sometimes it's a lovely sunny day with not much else to do except lie around in the garden eating tasty food, drinking long cool drinks and listening to Exciting Cricket.

When I say "sometimes" i mean "incredibly rarely" but it was certainly the case on Sunday as, with my thumb on the Ashes Updates on my phone I struck out for ANGEL where I was due to do the VICTORY LAP of Dinosaur Planet at The Hangover Lounge.

I arrived to find a healthy does of all SORTS of people had turned up, and spent the next hour or so happily drinking beer and chatting away, it was LOVELY. The beginning of the show was slightly delayed by a Staff Training Session going upstairs, and we knew it had finished when a sudden stream of HAIRCUTTED YOUTH stormed down the stairs. Aah, The Young People and their haircuts, where do they find the time and money for it? I thought there was a recession on - ee, it was all ripped jeans and thunderbird wine in my day!

It was time for an Emergency Wee - just as i went IN to the loo someone said "7 wickets now!" IN the toilet someone else said "8 wickets!" and when i came OUT i got a text saying "9 WICKETS!" Maybe I should go to the loo more often at Crucial Cricketing moments?

ANYWAY I went upstairs to help Steve and Jerv sort the seating out, came back down to get a beer, then went back up to suddenly find LOADS of people were sitting down, waiting expectantly. Steve did the intro and we were OFF and, I must say, I think it went rather well. I had some difficulty with my voice - I was back to doing it Totally Acoustically and it was a LARGE room so I found myself SHOUTING somewhat. I had a Medicinal Brandy halfway through which, as usual, really helped but also, as usual, made me feel a bit SQUIFFY.

This manifested itself in a few more mistakes than usual, but it didn't matter I don't think as everyone seemed to be VERY willing to have a LARF, and so I ended up showing off a bit/even more than usual, including doing a BIT about the reason I often get distracted (THINKING about Space DInosaurs) and made a few minor changes here and there.

It was MUCH FUN anyway, and I settled back to a bit more chat including a rather lengthy/GRATE discussion of JUDGE DREDD. I never really talk about that sort of thing in the open air, but as there was a WRITER of Judge Dredd there I felt I was safe. I recommended he read the (nearly) weekly Amazing Spider-Man too, as I would recommend it to EVERYONE as it is as close as The Americans can GET to THRILL POWER without just reprinting 2000AD.

As i say, i don't often talk abut it in the open and you can probably guess why. Still, a LOVELY time was had and it was a happy, slightly tiddly, Hibbett who arrived home to find it was chips and curry for tea. A perfect end to the day!

posted 25/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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