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Blog: Medialand

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So, I went off to London's Medialand yesterday afternoon to do a THING. I'm not supposed to say too much about it as it's for a COMMERCIAL that hasn't happened yet, but basically it was some people doing an ADVERT THING who wanted to make a DEMO FILM to show to THE BOSS to give them a rough idea of what it would be like if they did it PROPER. The upshot of this was me and five other Music Types hanging around for an hour then having a bit of a JAM.

The JAM was really good fun - it's AGES since I've sat around with people I don't really know and played music, YEARS really, so it was actually Quite Exciting to have DIFFERENT people doing The Drummer Signal or to find us all quietening down or speeding up together. I played UKELELE and when it started asked that we do something EASY as I can't play that many chords on it. I'd like to think this makes me INSPIRATIONAL.

Then we went and did it again on camera outside a SHOP which was also, to my surprise, quite good fun, as people came and LOOKED at us (more attracted by the video camera than the MUSIC, I guess) ROCKING OUT. I'd been a bit worried about it all beforehand but it seemed to go OK, and then we went for a DRINK.

And that was that - they might be doing a big CAMPAIGN about it, but as everyone else there was SIGNIFICANTLY more Youthful and Photogenic than me I somehow doubt you'll be seeing me in it, but it was INTERESTING to be a part of something like that, and to see how it all works. I'd love to say more about it but i said I wouldn't - but if it DOES actually happen I look forward to BANGING ON about it for the entire duration!

posted 26/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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