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A couple of loose BITS for you:

ITEM! The long awaited review of Dinosaur Planet finally appeared in Threeweeks and, EXCITINGLY, in CMU as well. It's a bit odd tho - it's a "four star" review but reads like a bit less, whereas the two "three star" ones read like more. That, I suppose, is SHOWBUSINESS.

ITEM! A rather strange review in Room Thirteen ("where music rocks") where the reviewer struggles somewhat with the fact that he doesn't like it, and wonders aloud, it seems, whether this might be because he's a bit of a wanker. That's the sort of impression I got anyway - he actually sounds like a nice enough chap, and when he says "Sadly for the band, this reviewer much prefers the music from studied cool bands compared to the cheesy and thumbs aloft whacky tunes that the more relaxed characters seem to release" two thoughts occur: 1. I think we'll bear the sadness 2. he sounds like he's trying to convince himself, doesn't he? This was one of the review copies sent out by that PR Company, who seem to have gone to great lengths to send it out to people who won't like it!

ITEM! Rather less troublesome is a review by Mr Ned Raggett over on the All Music Guide, where he DOES seem to get it - and best of all compares me to THE HIP HOP! Heck yes!

ITEM! And finally, not a review but some GIG NEWS: Totally Acoustic is BACK! I've just booked the first one of the NEW SEASON for October 6th, with Gavin Osborn and Winston Echo. It will be, I think, MEGA!

posted 26/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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