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Blog: Beer Festival/Hibbettfest

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I set off on Friday night full of the joys of BEER, ready for an EXCELLENT weekend featuring The Peterborough Beer Festival and Hibbettfest. I had a very pleasant journey on the WAGN (or whatever the slow train is called now) and trotted off to meet my Step-papa. I saw him waiting, waved, and realised... hang on, didn't I have a GUITAR with me?

PANIC! I RAN back across the bridge, tripped, went FLYING across the tarmac and REALLY hurt my knee. Ooh, it is still a SEEPING WOUND even now! I LIMPED BRAVELY to the train, went to my carriage and saw it had gone. i RAN back and forth through the carriages looking for it, AFEARED in the knowledge that this train would soon be heading back to London, until I found the driver who told me the cleaner had picked it up. A DASH to Lost Property, where they told me it'd be in another office, so I collected Chris and EXPLAINED things to him (I was very impressed that at no point did he say "You bloody idiot". I thanked him for this later and he pointed out that he didn't really NEED to SAY it. True) then we went to a portakabin where a man asked me CUNNING QUESTIONS like "what sort of guitar is it?" to CHECK it was mine. He didn't CHECk what kind of guitar it WAS, but he did take my name and address, just in case. Because there's no way to fake your name and address, I guess?

Anyway, it was with some RELIEF that I got dropped off and went for MANY BEERS with Robin, Mileage, Guesty and later The Parents. AGE seems to have caught up with us somewhat - not only are there rather a LOT more grey hairs on some of us, but Mileage left at 10pm and we left only an hour later, rather than hanging around until final kicking out time at MIDNIGHT as usual.

I was still KNACKERED when I got up next morning, mind you, and so thoroughly enjoyed the LENGTHY journey from Peterborough to Birmingham (via NOTTINGHAM due to Rail Repairs in Oakham) and then on to Sandwell & Dudley, where Ray's Dad picked me up for HIBBETTFEST, the annual FESTIVAL that takes place in his parents' back garden.

We had a LOVELY time I must say - there was beer and a HUGE array of Vegan GRUB, including some superfantastically delicious SAUSAGE ROLLS which were AMAAAZING. Also, CURRY. It was thus a rather WIDENED Hibbett who got up and, slightly nervously at first, gave the assembled throng a run through of Dinosaur Planet. It felt a bit strange at first to be doing the JOKES in the formal way in front of 9 people sat on plastic garden furniture, but I persuaded myself that I had to do it PROPERLY to make it work and, anyway, before long I was into the EXCITING BITS over which I have no choice but to be EXCITED. I thoroughly enjoyed it, utilising all the changes since Edinburgh AND even putting some new bits in. That TOUR must happen!

Then it was time to get the TAXI into Brum where we visited The Wellington, a GRATE Proper Pub. It was soon time for me to limp to Snow Hill and get another slow train (which, due to REPAIRS elsewhere, was actually faster than the Virgin "quick" train) back home. It was a mightly long way down rock and roll, but it was GRATE!

posted 31/8/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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That's twice now, Hibbett... leave your guitar on the train once more and that's nature's way of saying three strikes and you're TOO OLD TO ROCK!
posted 2/9/2009 by Pete Green

Or "write some songs for the kazoo" maybe? Those Gods Of ROCK, who knows WHAT they're on about!
posted 3/9/2009 by MJ Hibbett

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