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Blog: The Forest Moon Of Enderby

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People with an EXTENSIVE memory may recall me mentioning "The Forest Moon Of Enderby", the long-planned follow up to our FIRST "rarities" (hem hem) collection Warriors Of Nanpantan. We've had the title for about seven YEARS and have just been waiting for a chance to use it, and it looks like that time is NIGH.

The reasons behind this are MANY. First and foremost is the fact that we have ENOUGH songs to do it with - in fact, looking through all the compilations, sold out singles, web tracks and offcuts we've had since 2004, when Warriors Of Nanpantan was released, we've actually got enough for about THREE albums!

Quite a lot of these songs, however, are COVER VERSIONS, which I don't really want to put on an Actual CD because you have to fill in millions of FORMS. Others still are the b-sides to Milk & Baubles and Shed Anthems, which we'd been intending to add on to a DELUXE DOUBLE ALBUM re-release of This Is Not A Libary, leaving a single album featuring a wide MIX of Validators and my SOLO songs.


Email discussions this morning have come up with a whole OTHER plan, which links in to getting more stuff on the BANDCAMP site AND providing MAXIMUM value to those kind enough to purchase our stuff. Here IS that plan, broken down by MONTH!

MAY: Official proper launch of the bandcamp site, which Exciting Video Advertisement and WE VALIDATE! added to the site along with Regardez, Ecoutez Et Repetez.

JUNE:Compilation of our various COVER VERSIONS added to the the bandcamp site, including some new ones to be recorded specially for it.

JULY:"The Forest Moon Of Enderby" released on bandcamp, on iTunes and as a limited (ish) edition ACTUAL CD, in time for Indietracks. This will be a complete FULL BAND album, and the songs are likely to be as follows:

Leave My Brother Alone
Never Going Back To Aldi's
The Other Rush Hour
Other Bands' Setlists
The Drummer's Lament
The Merchant Ivory Punks
Graffiti On The Cenotaph
Praise The Traffic Warden
Billy Jones Is Dead
City Centres
The Primal Rhythms Of The Bolivian Nose Flautist
Let The Weird Band Win

Looks good doesn't it? But there's more! The MULTIMEDIA ASPECT on the CD will be something called "As Seen On The Interweb"...

AUGUST:"As Seen On The Interweb", yet ANOTHER compilation, this time of all my solo songs from compilations and THE INTERWEB released seperately on the bandcamp site. LOTS of stuff for this one!

And then in September we'll take a WELL EARNED REST before releasing our OTHER albums on bandcamp, probably on a monthly basis. We wouldn't want people to get overwhelmed would we?

So yes, there's the PUTATIVE PLAN which, of course, i reserve every right to forget about/get delayed/change about, but which i HOPE can be carried out more or less as formulated. We've been meaning to get round to this for AGES so it'll be GRATE to finally get done. The only problem is, once we've done this, what on earth are we going to call Volume Three?

posted 22/4/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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