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Blog: Bye Bye Blogger!

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You join me this afternoon for a MOMENTOUS OCCASION: my FINAL blog on blogger!

All right, I know it might not seem particularly momentous, and you're probably not even READING it on the Blogger sysetm - I've been doing TRIPLE ENTRY blogging for the past couple of weeks and have , so most people will hopefully be reading it on the new webpage, an RSS feed running off it (like Facebook) or even on the myspace - but still, having used it for nearly eight years and had it CHANGE completely the way I run these webpages, it feels a bit sad to be saying goodbye to it.

The REASON for the change is Blogger's annoying decision to stop supporting FTP blogging. This is the admittedly pretty ARCHAIC format which they started with and which some of us stuck with, as it allowed us to create pages directly onto our own servers, independent of any future WHIMS of blogger's owners. Changing over to their new system would have meant me having to alter HUGE SWATHES of the webpages to accomodate it, so I went looking for a NEW way to do it.

After a lot of fruitless searching for something to suit ME I decided to write my OWN blog system - that is JUST THE KIND OF GUY I AM - and, as Tripod, my service providers since about 1996, have been SO UTTERLY CRAP every time I've wanted them to do anything (including wiping the entire site with no warning on a couple of occasions) i decided that, rather than page them a HUGE sum of money to allow me to do this, to use it as an opportunity to move somewhere else.

Which, of course, meant i'd have to change MUCH HUGER SWATHES of the webpage! I've pretty much nearly finished doing this now, and it's all looking rather swanky, but that does make it DOUBLY momentous for me, as I'm not only saying bye bye to blogger, but also taking the first big step in saying TA-TA to Tripod too! As I say, I've used them since I first started having a webpage (back in the days when everything seemed to need a TILDE) so it's been a big decision, but hopefully it'll mean that THE FUTURE of the website will be HECKLOADS easier for me to keep up to date with!

So yes, if anybody's visiting the tripod site ( do be aware that that's NOT going to be being updated any more, and will soon be gradually disappearing, and so please ZOOM over to the news site!

Everybody else, hold on to your hats, for LO! Slight Changes And Improvements are ALMOST IMMINENT! WHOO!

posted 29/4/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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