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Blog: Paris

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Sorry for the lack of UPDATES here this week, there's been a lot going on!

First amongst these events has been a trip to PARIS. Oui oui, myself and The Seine In My Capital City Of France went over for the weekend with some PALS to help celebrate one of their's fortieth birthday. Is it me, or are there an awful lot of fortieth birthdays happening at the moment? One of my friends seems to be turning 40 every couple of weeks at the moment, i can't understand it at ALL.

Anyway, we had a brilliant time STOMPING around the city, but I'll tell you this - NEXT time somebody decides to knock down most of Paris and rebuild it according to their ideas of an EMPIRE, maybe they should put the good bits a bit closer together. I mean, i live in That London where, really, most of the Cool Tourist Bits are within about 15 minutes of Trafalgar Square, so you can see all sorts without getting knackered. In Paris, however, everything is MILES apart. It's SO inconsiderate - if it hadn't been for all the eating and drinking we did I'd probably have lost weight!

We saw some GRATE things, especially in the LOUVRE, which I'd never been into before. We followed the signs and saw The Mona Lisa, and it was a bit WEIRD to be actually stood near The Actual Mona Lisa after seeing it reproduced so many times. Even better was The Venus De Milo tho, that was AMAZING. Also we saw The Wreck Of The Medusa, which was good, and lots of FRENCH things. The FRENCHINESS of it all stood out quite a lot - I'm used to wandering about Galleries and Public Buildings seeing Shakespeare, various Kings and Queens, THE USUAL, so it was a bit odd to suddenly keep bumping into NAPOLEON all the time instead. The bit of my BRANE where i stored the European History bit of my History 'A' Level (D) got more use than it's had in over 20 years, especially when we went to The Bastille. COR! The Bastille! That's where the previous 200 odd years all BEGAN that is!

The best bit though was when we went and sat in a park near The Eiffel Tower and drank RED WINE. That was GRATE - Actual Red Wine in Actual Paris with the Actual Eiffel Tower LOOMING behind us. Brilliant!

So yes, a lovely time was had by all, but when I got back it was almost STRAIGHT out and off to Derby, for ROCK...

posted 6/5/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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