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Blog: Shift Run Stop

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I strolled through a GORGEOUS sunny London (in my SHORTS! It was THAT sunny!) after work yesterday to Cavendish Square, to meet the people of the Shift Run Stop podcast. They'd asked me last week if I'd be able to come and do an interview, so I said "YES PLEASE!" and HENCE he we all were sat on the grass. I've known The Internet's Dave Green for MANY years (it was he who initially plugged the Hey Hey 16K Internet single in Need To Know, back in the long distant days when there were only 17 people on the interweb) and said hello to Leila and Roo, who did most of the interviewing.

Not that there was much chance to DO any of that because, as usual, once asked a question I have about FIFTEEN ANSWERS, each delightfully nested inside the other as I remembered Another Fascinating Story about ME. Near the start I did Hey Hey 16K and, having said, "I get this song wrong more often than any other song" dutifully DID so, but once I'd eventually got it right they said "You don't seem to have much problem SINGING outside when there's people around." No. Because three people is a CROWD when you are an Utter Show-Off like what i am!

Despite my OVER-GABBLING it all seemed to go rather well - they'd thought up a LOT of questions that I had a LOT of fun answering! The square was getting more crowded and noisy, so we moved over the sit near one of the London Elephants (NB sculptures scattered all over west central London), talking to a Slightly Strange Lady on the way who, I think, thought we were doing a Radio Feature about them. Here we sat down again and I did A Little Bit, having mentioned it earlier on, and then that was that! They were going to do a bit more, including SNACK REVIEWS, so i said a grateful goodbye (including apology for going on QUITE so much) then headed home.

It was all rather good fun - the podcast is going to be online a week on Thursday, I think, and there should be a VIDEO TRAILER shortly before then. If you have PATIENCE, prepare to USE it whilst listening to me!

posted 25/5/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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Aw thanks for the sweet write-up! We loved having you on and you're going to be episode 30, going live next Thursday (June 10th), video will be up early next week to our
posted 3/6/2010 by Leila

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