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Blog: Bank Holiday

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Hello everyone, hope those who had one had a GOOD Bank Holiday. I had a GOOD, also a BUSY one.

On Friday night I met my old colleague Dr N Brown for an evening of COMEDY in LEYTONSTONE - yes, LEYTONSTONE, my MANOR, where a new comedy club had started up just down the road from me with Arthur Smith on at their first night. He was very very funny INDEED. "It's just like The Spreadeagle", said Dr Brown, referring to the pub where I ran MY comedy club some... YIKES! Twenty years ago!! It was LIKE that, but with things in it that were FUNNY.

On Saturday myself and The Items On My List had a BIG DAY OUT in That London. We got into town and went to have a look at a HOTEL (for purposes of staying there one night later in the year) then went round to try and take my hard-drive in to be fixed. It went WRONG last week and, as my local computer store seemed not to have a CLUE i thought I'd try some more swanky types... but they were all closed up and DISAPPEARED. I've tried to ring them today but have had no answer - it's probably best NOT to leave my hard drive with people like that really, isn't it?

UNBOWED we strode forth to Cavendish Square to look at some ELEPHANTS. These are decorated elephants that are all over That London at the moment, in various locations, raising money for Elephant Type Charities. Save The Elephant, Royal Society for the prevention of Elephants, that sort of thing. They were Quite Good, especially one which looked like it was made of WOOD.

A quick cup of tea (TOURIST INFO: one of the nicest cups of tea in all of London Town can be found in the fourth floor cafe of John Lewis. FACT!) and another stroll later and we were at the PICTURES, there to see "Four Lions". CRIKEY. I think the one word review for this would be "Disconcerting", as it left us both a bit WOBBLY afterwards. It was funny, quite charming, but also TERRIFYING - especially about half way through when you realise they really DO have explosives and are going to use them. Several days later i'm STILL thinking about it, it really spooked me - a dead good film, then, but to be perfectly honest I think I would have preferred to go and see something a little LIGHTER!

We went for some TEA before heading for our final destination: The Buffalo Bar, there to see Pocketbooks, playing their first London gig in AGES. Before them were Cola Jetset, who I really liked - it was sort of a bit like a 60s girl group doing 70s Mickie Most songs. Sort of. Then Pocketbooks came on and were GRATE - whenever they did one of the usual songs I thought "This is a bit of an obvious cover, isn't it?" before remembering it was one of THEIR songs, and the reason it sounded so familiar was because, well, because I'd listened to the album A LOT.

I spent most of Sunday singing "Footsteps" in my head - it's my favourite song of theirs, but 24 hours rotation is verging on TOO MUCH. The rest of the weekend was then a bit more relaxing, the only major ROCK ITEM on the agenda was for me to head out to The Landlady's allotment, where we filmed some BOOK BURNING. This was all in aid of Chris T-T, who'd asked people to film some clips of themselves to put together to form the video for his next single, "Words Fail Me". I was NERVOUS at the idea of burning books but bought one ESPECIALLY from the charity shop last week, which made me feel a bit better. Once we'd got the fire going myself and The Landlady stood GAZING at it, filming for about 20 minutes as it slowly disappeared. FIRE! It is VERY WATCHABLE!

And that, I think, was about that. I need an extended weekend to get over it all!

posted 1/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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