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Blog: Silent Like The Container Tanker

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Things move slowly forward on all fronts here - all the PLANNING and diligent attendance to SCHEDULES that's been going on lately make it all seem rather quiet, and yet we've booked a bunch of previews and rehearsals for Dinosaur Planet, done HEAPS fo preparation and admin for same, have our forthcoming 'REST OF' compilation sequenced and mastered with the multimedia section (featuring an entire OTHER album) and the GORGEOUS cover art both at final draft stage, and on top of that continuing recording and planning for the album AFTER that one!

Maybe it's just because it's sunny out? Also the fact that i STILL haven't got my data back from my crashed hard drive, and am waiting for a new copy of PHOTOSHOP to arrive in the post, means that there's lots of stuff i COULD be doing (Flyers! Posters! Stand-up Banners!) that I can't yet get on with as much as I'd like to.

One thing I DID get to do yesterday, however, was to sort out the final track on the aforesaid compilation, 'Forest Moon Of Enderby'. We were under the, as it turns out, erroneous impression that we had some spare Music Of The Future left over from the sessions for Do The Indie Kid and were going to stick THESE on as a secret track. Unfortunately it turned out that these were but ILLUSIONS OF THE MIND, and so rather than choose one I did a MEGAMIX of THE LOT.

It sounds AMAAAZING.

I did consider doing the classic When CDs First Came Out thing of sticking it five minutes after the final track, The Drummer's Lament, but Tim pointed out that this would be annoying for the many people who would doubtless put it as the first track on homemade compilation tapes. I'd've thought they could just rewind over the gap, or PAUSE the tape player, but for some reason this wouldn't work. Maybe modern walkmans can't do that?

Anyway, it's all beginning to look like it might just work, and I'll be able to send it off to be manufactured with, hopefully, my last HUGE CHEQUE of the summer. Then it'll be time to go out and about and start doing THE ROCK. I hope I remember how it goes!

posted 3/6/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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How about putting it before the first track so you have to rewind the CD to get to it? I wish I knew how that was done.
posted 6/6/2010 by Thom Flyer

You mean like the initial release of Ash's "1977"? I think with the relevant software that understands cue sheet files (I think Nero might do it) you can set it somehow in there. Not sure how exactly but there's way.
posted 7/6/2010 by Warren

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