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Blog: The Hangover Lounge

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I was up bright and early on Sunday morning to help OVERSEE (still being A Bit Poorly it would have been ILL ADVISED to do TOO much Actual Work) the setting up of a trampoline. If you've never put up a trampoline before, here is the KEY FACT: it involves a LOT of springs. I guess that's obvious, once you know it, but it surprised me quite how many there were.

With that almost done I had to dash off to catch the TUBE into sunny Central London, where we were booked to do ANOTHER preview of Dinosaur Planet, this time back at HEP Sunday Hangout The Hangover Lounge at The Lexington. I'll tell you this - if the future of Fairly Trendy Venues On The London Gig Circuit is going to be place like The Lexington then I am ALL for it. They have Proper Beer, decent food, and nice seats - three things which you would never find at, say, The Garage. It also doesn't STINK and has WINDOWS! A recommendation INDEED!

I enjoyed a TASTY (if slightly lacking in gravy - that's the only bad thing I have to say about the entire pub!) Sunday Dinner whilst listening to Disc Jockeying and watching people gradually filter in - The Hewitts, The Nuts In My Nut Roast and a, to be honest, slightly alarmingly large number of PALS and ACQUAINTANCES. NERVES started to happen!

Upstairs some people had ALREADY gone and got seats (these people also gave out CHOCOLATES, which I think should be encouraged, they were dead nice) and by the time we'd shephered everyone up we had by far the biggest audience yet. As previously stated: NERVES!

The show itself, however, went off pretty well. We tried out a REVISION to the first scene, ditching the telephones and bumping up the HILARIOUS GAG about Norwich, which went down rather well, and then THREW ourselves into it. The aforementioned NERVES made us make a couple of mistakes, but nothing we couldn't jolly our way around, and a couple of props fell down a GAP between stage and stage extension, which meant Steve had to EXTEMPORISE a little while I DIVED after them.

Other than that it was VERY enjoyable - it feels like we're getting towards the point now where we can relax and ENJOY doing the show, and can start to feel fairly secure in the knowledge that there ARE some LARFS in it. We're also increasing the OVER ACTING (NB some of us more than others, hem hem) which I guess we should keep an eye on... although it's a LOT of fun. Also, apparently, Certain Cast Members spent the entire showing MOUTHING the words that Certain Other Cast Members were saying. I'll try and not do that in future!

We finished in high spirits and went downstairs for a congratulatory DRINK. For the second day running I was in an area of BOOZE but sticking to the soft drinks, which frankly I think deserves a MEDAL. Weirdly I kept thinking "Mmm, this Blackcurrant cordial is really sorting out my hangover", even tho i didn't HAVE one. Almost as if my inner BRANE was latching onto the only possible explanation it could find for me NOT drinking BOOZE in a pub.

We finished up and headed home on the tube, where The Wheels On My Bus was BLESSED, once again, with my in-depth analysis of every aspect of our performance. I am so good to her - I repeated it all over AGANE when we had our tea, just to make sure she didn't miss any of it.

So yes, things are looking pretty good I reckon - next stop LEWISHAM!

posted 6/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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