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PHEW, it's all go here, as we move SEVERAL projects forward. Today i have been dealing with issues mostly on TWO of the above, "Forest Moon of Enderby" (making sure we're actually going to GET copies before Indietracks and WORRYING about whether the CD-R stuff is going to be replicated OK) and Dinosaur Planet, trying to get the flyers done and ENJOYING the delights of DEALING WITH PRINTERS.

I know I RANTED about this the other day doing the cover for FMofE, but MY GOODNESS ME: if you have the correct software then it takes ABOUT THREE SECONDS to convert something from RGB to CMYK. Lots of people don't have this software - in Photoshop, for instance, the past couple of versions have forced you to pay SEVERAL HUNDRED POUNDS EXTRA for this Useful Function - but you would think that a) professional print companies would HAVE the professional versions of software and b) they would prefer to TAKE the THREE SECONDS to use it rather than indulging in DAYS AND DAYS AND DAYS sending files back, saying "No no, the bleed isn't right and it's still RGN ner ner ner."

And it's ALL bloody printers that are like this - even lovely ones STILL make you do artwork to ridiculous specifics, JUST IN CASE they set the machine up wrong and they get cut in the wrong place. Here's an idea, printers of the world: DON'T SET THE FCUKING MACHINE UP WRONG, then you'll save us HOURS of tedious annoyance. JUST AN IDEA.


In slightly more DELIGHTFUL news, we now have BADGES! This year there are four different colours of Dinosaur Planet badges, available to all who attends. They're bloody gorgeous too - as usual I did them with Wee Badgers, who have clear templates and instructions, accept all sorts of readily available file formats, charge very reasonable rates, are easy to contact, and deliver at HIGH SPEED. All other similar retailers: BE MORE LIKE THEM!

posted 7/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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