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I know I have been having a bit of a MOAN here just lately ("really Mark, we hadn't noticed hem hem, do tell us MORE about CMYK vs RGB colour formatting"), and that's because I've been having to do the bits of ROCK ADMIN that i HATE - dealing with manufacturers, filling in forms, trying to make individual arrangements with people who have dozens of bands/acts to deal with etc etc. All that stuff is a right pain in the arse to slog through and is why, foolish tho it is overall, so many people think "Sod this, I'm getting me a manager/lawyer/agent/massive international corporation to do it instead."

HOWEVER. Once all that stuff is DONE it lets you get your hands on THE GOOD STUFF and BY JIMINY I think I have got to the top of HASSLE MOUNTAIN this week, clambered over the peak, and am now sliding happily down the GROOVY TIMES SLED RUN. I can pinpoint pretty clearly when this happened too - yesterday lunchtime. Having had a morning of HASSLE CONFRONTATION I returned to my work station after dining to find a SLEW of brilliant emails.

One example of this would be Totally Acoustic. I've had a GRATE idea about how to continue this which I'll go into in more depth next time. The SHORT version is that I'm going to do SIX of them over the course of TWELVE months, and yesterday morning managed to BOOK them with The Lamb. I then sent out the first wave of emails to people who I'd like to do it (for various reasons I'm mostly asking people BACK for these ones, and sent the first wave out to people who'd be likely to have difficult doing dates). When I got back from lunch I had a GORGEOUS bunch of emails from people giving their preferred dates - it was both PEASY and LOVELY, and it looks like my GRATE idea (see above, and To Be Revealed) might actuall WORK!

Another thing that came in was the possibility of doing a Dinosaur Planet preview in an ACTUAL THEATRE! Imagine! Us! In a THEATRE! I don't know if it'll really happen or if it'll do us any good but I'm MASSIVELY excited at the very IDEA of it! THEATRE!

Also in that batch of emails was an idea from George Damnably, about an Olympic Project we could put in a BID for. I'm sure the people organising it want CLASSICAL MUSIC and/or Young Offenders Rapping or something, but I've had a LOVELY idea for what we could base our PIECE (yes!) on - I don't want to go into it in too much depth right now (NB because there isn't really any depth to go into yet!) but have a look at this picture of Tebbs Johnson. Doesn't it make you want to know MORE about him? It did me!

I bloody LOVE it when things get like this, with all sorts of IDEAS and POSSIBILITIES swimming around. I've also got "Forest Moon Of Enderby" tentatively scheduled to be delivered to me by next Friday, which will be FANTASTIC, and flyers for Dinosaur Planet should be turning up around the same time. I've written a SCRIPT for our YouTube advert for the show too, which we hope to be filming in Lewisham next week, and we've even got our train tickets all booked for the various Summer Events that are coming up.

There's more previews, the Fringe itself, the Camden Fringe and on top of all that it's only a couple of weeks until I re-unite with The Validators for our warm-up dates and - HECK YES! - INDIETRACKS itself! It feels like the organisation and admin is almost all DONE and it's time to leap into THE EXCITEMENT!

The water looks LOVELY, howsabout we all jump in TOGETHER, eh?

posted 9/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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twelve weeks viewers, not twelve months. that makes it sound more exciting ;)
posted 9/7/2010 by CarsmileSteve

Oh yeah! Twelve months wouldn't be half as good - in fact it would be about a QUARTER as good.
posted 9/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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