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Blog: Say It With Words

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One of my favourite things about Having Lots On The Go is that it tends to GEE UP your BRANE so that you end up getting lots and lots done at INCREDIBLE HIGH SPEEDS. Well, usually anyway - sometimes it makes you go and sit down in the corner and SHAKE, but mostly I find it's the latter.

Thus at the moment I'm organising posters for Dinosaur Planet, doing SEVERAL online interviews about the same, making arrangements for Indietracks, booking the new SEASON of Totally Acoustic and, in the gaps, continuing to upload stuff to our exciting BANDCAMP page.

And as a result of all this FRENETIC ACTIVITY I'm very happy to announce that you can now stream for free and/or download (for small amounts of CA$H) our debut album Say It With Words! ZANG!

This means that all those people who, over the years, have asked for alternative file-types in which to download Hey Hey 16K can now HAVE them! And... er... anyone who isn't that bothered and just wants to listen to the full version online can do so too. Everybody's happy!

As with This Is Not A Library, I didn't have a good version of the cover art on disc anywhere anymore, so had to partly recreate it using the bits and bobs of the originals that I still had and, ALSO as with This Is Not A Library, I think I made quite a nice job of it. So much so, in fact, that I've used these new versions of sleeves for the album's pages on this site, making it all look MUCH neater.

I've ALSO once again linked all the song pages to the bandcamp files so that, should you want to listen to Where Is My Torch?, for instance, you can now do so at the time of your choosing with the lyrics to hand in case you want to sing along.

SUCH luxury - it's like living in THE FUTURE!

posted 13/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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