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Blog: Always a good night at The Fox

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Wednesdays is Working From Home Day for me, which is always LOVELY, and as we got to 4pm I felt I had done WELL, accomplished MANY things, and was relaxed about the prospect of heading off to Lewisham later on. Two hours later, however, all was PANDEMONIUM - I'd had a BURST of activity which had made me LATE, a text from Steve saying he was already there which had PANICKED me, and I left the house at a DASH, having packed up my various items in HASTE.

Too MUCH haste, in fact, as when I got onto the tube I realised I'd left behind my SHOOTING SCHEDULE. The plan was to shoot a VIDEO to advertise the show in Edinburgh (like we did last year) BEFORE doing the gig tonight. My idea for it was quite complicated and we wouldn't have much time, so I'd spent AGES working out the easiest way to get it done. And I'd left it on my desk!

Happily, when I arrived to find Steve and Mr Tim Eveleigh in the BEER GARDEN we were soon joined by Mr Johnny Yeah who had PRINTED IT OUT. PHEW! I'd asked him to be IN it earlier in the week, and look for me he is SUPER DILIGENT. After chatting to the Pub Cat for a bit (who seemed to think it was a Pub DOG, from the way it was eyeing up GRUB) we decided to get cracking, and me and Johnny walked through to the front of the pub to do a couple of shots.

This took AGES - not because it was difficult, but because it's impossible for Johnny to walk ANYWHERE in Lewisham without being POUNCED UPON by well-wishers. It's MENTAL - as we walked through the pub women flocked to kiss him and young men stepped forward to shake his hand. Every time I thought he was done I'd turn round to see someone ELSE grabbing him. Even when we were outside, several TAKES were spoiled by people seeing him and running over for a HUG!

Eventually we got finished and started off on the MAIN bits, featuring Carl TwoBob as A Dinosaur, Tim as A Robot and me, Steve and Johnny as OURSELVES. It was LOTS of fun and got done at HIGH SPEED, although the final scene did get some raised eyebrows. Honestly, what is the world coming too when one man cannot lie at the feet of another being filmed, in a toilet cubicle?

Once we'd finished MORE people turned up, including, all the way from Germany, Mr Martin Petersdorf! That is, of course, Martin who booked our GERMAN tour for us - he was over with his daughter, taking her on a driving tour of the UK, and his first stop was LEWISHAM! I was IMMENSELY pleased to see him, and there was much joyous reliving of the FANTASTIC time we'd had!

Soon it was half past eight and time to get on with the show, which we DID. Wednesday night at The Fox & Firkin is KNITTING NIGHT, so half the audience were KNITTERS, who knitted as they LARFED throughout. We had a really good turnout of all sorts of people who'd come from all corners, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy it. We did it all Totally Acoustically and I'm starting to think that's how we're going to be doing it in ALL venues - it allows for much more MOVEMENT and the ever increasing use of DANCE!

My favourite bit was Steve changing "sexy awkwardness" to "awkward sexiness" which was about 10,000,000 times funnier, but the whole thing's feeling much more RELAXED and FUN. I begin to see why comedians DO so many previews!

Afterwards we handed out badges, GRINNED at each other and audiences, and generally relaxed after a job well done. It's ALWAYS a fantastic night out at The Fox and Firkin, and so far it's always been good fun doing the show - let's hope it continues that way!

posted 15/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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