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Blog: Things Keep Occurring

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On the tube into work this morning I was thinking about how much i LOVE this bit - the bit in The Cycle Of ROCK where things kick off and start OCCURRING. I'm currently sat at work awaiting for the Forest Moon Of Enderby CDs to arrive, whizzing off interviews hither and thither (here's TWO for you - one at Behind The Fringe about Dinosaur Planet and one at the Indietracks Blog about ... well, Indietracks!) and generally getting EXCITED because new things keep coming in.

Here's a FABULOUS example for you of Things Just Sort Of Happening - I found out this morning that someone has made a VIDEO for The Lesson Of The Smiths! Look, here it is:

Isn't that fantastic? It looks like they've done LOADS of them, but I'm ESPECIALLY pleased they've done one of ours! SPOOKILY they uploaded it on the day of my 40th Birthday too - it's like The Gods Of ROCK said "LET IT BE SO!"

posted 16/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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