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Blog: International Glamour

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This morning I rang up the people printing our flyers, to find out why they hadn't been delivered yesterday. There was a slightly oddly phrased automated message and then i got through to a VERY polite young lady who seemed to have a German accent. "That's unusual", I thought, "That's not an accent your hear often in this country, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have call centres in GERMANY would they?" She went on to explain that they were on the way but "They are coming from Germany and so will be arriving on tomorrow." AAAH! It WAS Germany that I was speaking to!

And that's JUSt the kind of INTERNATIONAL GLAMOUR LIFESTYLE that I'm enjoying at the moment, as we teeter gently towards the HUGE MILESTONE that is INDIETRACKS at the weekend. Indietracks! I can't believe it's almost here, in all the EXCITEMENT of everything else (like Dinosaur Planet in an ACTUAL THEATRE tomorrow, or the wonderful prospect of seeing all The Validators on Thursday) it had sort of slipped by me. I'd best get learning some of the songs really, shouldn't i?

posted 20/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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