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Blog: A Dream Come True

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It was a STRANGE day yesterday - i felt like I was at the NEXUS OF ALL REALITIES as so many different bits of current activity were all coming together at once. I was editing the trailer we shot for Dinosaur Planet the other day, receiving a delivery of FLYERS for the Edinburgh run, writing a press release for us and two other shows, writing the Tour Booklet for the Validators gigs this weekend, having a practice of our SONGS for INDIETRACKS, doing an INTERVIEW with The Brighton Argus for our gig THERE next week (which was a LOT of fun), rehearsing with The Ticks On My To Do List for our recording session on Friday (an afternoon's work on the CONCEPT ALBUM in Derby), doing some bookings for the new Totally Acoustic season, working out a Spotify playlist for a future edition of CMU Weekly, starting my PACKING for today AND doing my laundry! With all that going on the fact that I was about to fulfil A LIFETIME'S AMBITION just seemed like part of the natural flow of the day.

FOR LO! in the evening I found myself in DISTANT BATTERSEA where Steve and I were going to perform Dinosaur Planet in a PROPER THEATRE! ZANG! Here I was, FINALLY putting on a Play What I Wrote in an Actual Theatre - 19 Year Old Me has waited a LONG LONG time for this dream of his to come to fruition, and now I was able to DO it. HOORAH!

We met in the beer garden where we were DELIGHTED to be sat next to twenty end-of-term teachers, ALL of whom were using The Teacher Voice At Full Pelt To SCREECH And/Or Bitch About Whoever Had Just Gone To The Toilet. It was the loudest thing EVER, so we had to lean in to hear The Theatre Guy who'd come down to tell us we had a "Small House". I thought that that sounded very nice, if a little twee, but Steve later pointed out that that meant we'd sold NO tickets! Ah!

We went upstairs to see THE SPACE and COR but it really WAS a Proper Theatre. OK, it was ALSO a room above a pub, but it had proper tiered seating, an all BLACK stage area, a dressing room, lighting box etc etc. It made me feel a bit NAUGHTY turning up to do this daft thing about SPACE DINOSAURS when, surely, we should have been assessing The Situation In Northern Ireland or something?

Still, it looked a LOT more proper when we'd put our PROPS out on a table at the back - SURPRISINGLY proper in fact - and even more so when Isabelle, who's going to be our Tech Person in Edinburgh, arrived for a TECH RUN. Even if nobody'd come it would have been FINE as we could have used it as a run through for us and her together, but happily we DID get an audience, in the shape of Mr J Kell and Mr D Paton. PHEW!

So we went on and DID the show, and I must say it seemed to go pretty well. I'd forgotten that we'd re-written the first scene so messed that up but otherwise it felt GRATE, with the general increase in LARKS and OVERACTING moving along nicely. Doing this show is a whole LOT of fun!

Afterwards we all went for a Well Done Everybody drink and then got the BUS to Victoria. It was only when I finally got home that I remembered that this was a Dream that HAD Come True. I must admit it WASN'T quite like I imagined it, due to the lack of film crews, huge audience, curtain calls or AWARDS, but it was still GRATE. It bodes well for the 10 days in Edinburgh - if we can enjoy it this much with only 2 people watching, imagine how GRATE it's going to be if we get FOUR!

posted 22/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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