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Blog: The Final Preview

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After our brief hiatus back in The Krazy World Of ROCK Steve and I were back to WORK yesterday, ZOOMING off down to Brighton to do the final preview for Dinosaur Planet.

We got there extra early for SOUNDCHECK purposes... before realising we didn't actually NEED one as the room wasn't that big, so settled down for a chat and a BEER with Phil The Promoter, who told us about the One On One Festival he'd played at. He say in a small box and played a five minute GIG for one person at a time. It sounded dead interesting, but we all agreed it ART that we had all inadvertantly created SEVERAL times before!

As show time approached PEOPLE arrived - it was lovely, some of them I didn't even KNOW! Many of the people i DID know had also been at Indietracks, and the first person ANY of us asked each other was "How's your post-Indietracks comedown?" There was HUGGING, but it still wasn't quite the same. Gopal's Curry was NOWHERE to be seen!

Our support act was Autumn In The Fall, which I thought was going to be a band but was actually a young lady doing some vaguely First Aid Kit-y songs - I was AMAZED when she said "This is a Beatles Cover" and she did "DOn't Pass Me By"! It was a LOVELY version of it - all changed around and rethought but CLEAVING to the original, it was GRATE!

I was conscious of the fact we had a TRANE to catch, so come half past nine I patrolled the pub HOOVERING UP anyone I could find who'd paid to get in - partly because without microphones it's a bit easier to get distracted by people talking as they come in, but mostly because I wanted to make sure everyone got it right from the start!

Everyone DID seem to get it - we ROMPED through the whole thing and there were BIG LARFS throughout, it was brilliant! We made almost NO mistakes and there was MUCH larking about, almost as if we've been practicing it or something! Steve had received NOTES that he needed to "grab the focus" (or "try not to let Hibbett get ALL the limelight") so the ongoing WAR OF ATTENTION GRABBING reached new and highly prosperous HEIGHTS. It was VERY MUCH FUN INDEED!

Everyone else seemed to enjoy it too, and there were many SWEATY HUGS and FIRM HAND SHAKES of appreciation afterwards. It felt really really good and we dashed off for our train thinking that this KRAZY IDEA might just work.

Only a week until we actually find out... YIKES!

posted 29/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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