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Blog: Video Of Indietracks

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I really AM going to stop going on about Indietracks at some point soon, but I can't help but point you in the direction of these fantastic videos which I've grouped together in our gallery.

It's film taken by Mr Eolrin De Bara of our set last weekend, and it is BLOODY GRATE. All the bits I remembered as being ACE are there in full colour (plus some I didn't notice, like Tom's LUSTY singing along) but my favourite favourite thing of ALL is in THIS:

It's a mass Music Of The Future, at a festival, with choreographed DANCING! If any other band has managed this I would very much like to see it - HOORAH!

posted 30/7/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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It was a TRIUMPH, Mark. A triumph!
posted 30/7/2010 by Marianthi

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