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Blog: The Changing Of The Googling

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Today I find myself on something of a precipice - a peak, a turning point, an epochal moment IF YOU WILL, for LO! today is the day I finally stop googling "MJ HIBBETT INDIETRACKS" and instead turn to "DINOSAUR PLANET EDINBURGH". Remember where you were when you found out!

I'm sat at work WITTLING about the whole thing, to be honest, largely because we are SO prepared for it. For the past couple of days my colleague Mr S Hewitt and I have been emailing each other with progressively tinier and tinier Things To Do, having run out of ACTUAL things to organise long ago. Everything's booked, everything's learnt (pretty much) and all we have to do now is wait until NOON tomorrow, when we catch the train from London up to lovely Edinburgh for 10 days of MUSICAL THEATRE.

So, as I say, WITTLING. I'm sure we're going to have a brilliant time, but I'll be much MORE sure of that at approximately 1.30pm on Thursday when we've done our first show and we're settling down with a RELAXING PINT, hopefully of our traditional Fringe Beer: DEUCHARS IPA. I'm taking my laptop with me and our flat's got Wi-Fi in it so hopefully I'll be able to keep you fully informed of ALL the THRILLZ that occur, though I should warn you it's likely to feature quite a lot of CURRY!

Right then, time to set the Out Of Office and then go home to PACK. See you in SCOTLAND!

posted 3/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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All the best for Edinburgh Mr Hibbett and Hewitt. May all your Dinosuar dreams come true!!
posted 4/8/2010 by Jenny Lockyer

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