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Blog: Greetings From Edinburgh!

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Hello from a very sunny Edinburgh, where you discover us three (and very nearly four) dates into our run at the Fringe where, so far, everything's going WELL!

We got here on Wednesday and walked round to our INCREDIBLY POSH flat. It's a few doors down from the American consulate and is GINORMOUS - if one of us is in the kitchen and the other in a bedroom you cannot shout loud enough to be heard, and a trip to get the milk requires extreme planning to make sure you've got enough food and equipment to make it back again.

The venue's nice too - being used to doing gigs in pubs and GIG venues makes it feel a bit weird to suddenly have door staff and a whole OFFICE full of people DOING stuff. The shows themselves have been MUCH fun. We were a bit nervy on the first day, which unfortunately was the day that the threeweeks reviewer came, but since then we have been LARKING ABOUT like nobody's business. We've got fairly decent tickets sales ahead too, which is a relief, apart from the 11th when NOBODY is coming, AT ALL. Is something else more exciting going on at noon that day?

Talking of other more exciting things, we've also been to a whole bunch of shows, the first of which was Amoeba To Zebra by our pals Being 747. It was GRATE - i sat STUNNED by the SPECTACLE throughout, like a medieval peasant in a Cathedral, GAWPING at everything. They seem to be really getting into it all too, I have yet to see ANY of them without a lab coat on or an Insect Head near to hand!

Other good stuff so far's been Toby Hadoke (not what I expected, but/and ACE), Helen Arney, Two Episodes Of Mash,Storytellers and Richard Herring, who was GRATE. We've only had TWO curries in between all of these, but have managed to squeeze in a few BEERS at opportune moments. One of the NICEST things about Edinburgh is that EVERYWHERE seems to sell Deuchar's IPA - INDEED, at the Meet The Press event yesterday they were giving it out FREE, which was much needed as it was HOT!

So yes, so far so good - we've got into our rhythm of getting up and going to the show and though it'd be nice to have a slightly LONGER lie-in (10am feels like DAWN) it seems to be working out pretty darn EFFICIENTLY. Talking of which, I'd best go and get my boots on - it's nearly SHOWTIME!

posted 8/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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