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Blog: Halfway

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Morning all - today we sit at the Peak Of The Week (or The Trough Of The Lot) as we're officially HALF WAY through our run of shows at the Edinburgh Fringe. As usual, afterspending eight months or so gettinng ready to do it the actual time here is FLYING by!

The show itself has ROLLED on with much joy - Sunday was probably the best version yet, I think, but it's never been less than ACE. I have to say doing the show as a double act is ALWAYS a LOT more fun than doing it on my own, and the EXTRA GAGS continue to appear! I'm really looking forward to the rest of the shows as it feels like we're fully into the swing of it and we've got our biggest ticket sales still to come... except tomorrow, when we've STILL sold NONE! Is there something else happening at noon on Wednesday? Or BE WE CURSED THAT DAY?

We've continued in our publicity efforts - yesterday we played the Family Fringe Showcase, doing three songs, and in the Kids' Feedback session we were told a) we were a bit silly b) everyone likes the Dinosaur puppets c) we look like Postmen d) we look like Cheryl Cole! If we get to TOUR the show I think that's our press release right there!!

We also appear to have accidentally acquired a STREET TEAM as The Koobas have rolled into town and taken a pile of flyers to distribute. Being 747 have also been going GRATE guns, and are getting MASSIVE audiences daily. They seem to be REALLY enjoying it all, which is a) lovely b) a RELIEF!

We even managed to see some OTHER shows too - Stewart Lee was dead good yesterday, as was Josie Long and, in our room, Steve Pretty. The Tasks In My Improv is arriving today, so that means it'll be time to see OTWAY soon, which I'm VERY much looking forward to, also some CULTURE and, who knows, maybe even some CULTURE!

In summary then: it's all going GRATE - but it's going FAST!

posted 10/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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