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Blog: Maurenbrecher fur alle

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A very exciting item arrived through our letterbox this mid-morning - "Maurenbrecher fur alle", a THREE CD tribute to Manfred Maurenbrecher. My involvement in this was to record a version of "Arbeit", which I spent AGES trying to translate and then significantly less time recording.

I haven't listened to it for AGES and so was quite impressed with how PROPER it sounds on the CD, especially the "interrupted by nearby children" INTERLUDE. Unfortunately for my poorly tutored BRANE the whole package is in GERMAN... which is only fair enough, as Mr Maurenbrecher and nearly all of the other acts ARE also German, but does make it a bit difficult for me to work out what's going on.

It also means I haven't been able to find a link to buy it - it's on German Amazon, but I don't know if that translates to being able to IMPORT it anywhere else. If i find out, i shall ALERT you!

Still, I'm EXTREMELY proud to be on this huge tribute, and exceptionally pleased to be asked - it's a glorious packaged PACKED with all sorts of interesting stuff, if you can get hold of a copy, please do!

posted 25/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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Dear MJ Hibbet,I am really uplifted and moved by your performance of my song. As you already know! I hope to meet you in Berlin soon, letís try something... And thank you for presentating these cds to your audience. They can be ordered directly with an email to Or go to One more song of the 62 tracks will be in English, but the music is for all kinds of ears... All the best,
posted 31/8/2010 by Manfred Maurenbrecher

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