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Blog: Moon Horse Progress Report

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Since last we spoke of it progress has gone on "MOON HORSE" has occurred at BREAKNECK SPEED - I now have almost THREE songs written for it and nearly 15 minutes' worth of material. This will hopefully be PARED DOWN a bit when I do proper editting, but COR! It's whipping along beautifully, and I haven't even got to The Mars Men Of Jupiter or the SECRET VILLAIN yet.

This may well be my FAVOURITE bit of the whole process of doing this kind of thing - this morning walking to the tube I suddenly saw how one bit could work as a song and it all SPLURGED out of my brain just as I sat down on the train. It's amazing and exciting to have all this stuff going on in the old BRANE, and also a bit SCARY - how do I know it's all going to actually WORK? What if the ideas suddenly STOP and I never finish it? All I can do at this point is be sure and leave my mind AJAR at all times so that anything that wants to get in - or OUT - can so do.

I'm also doing a bit of RESEARCH - over the course of doing Dinosaur Planet several people have come up and said things like "Iridium actually IS in meteorites you know!" as if I'd been MAKING IT UP!!! PROPER RESEARCH goes into all of this, and the same is true of "Moon Horse". So far I've been reading about The Fall Of Lucifer, The British Interplanetary Society, and UK-USA relations in the 1960's... and also watching Mike Yarwood on YouTube. It's all ESSENTIAL!

But yes, it's all going JOLLY well and I'm really looking forward to being able to start showing it to people, even though that won't be until next year. I'm also thinking about MAYBE doing BITS of it elsewhere, but that'll have to wait until it's all done and, you never know, I might get STUCK trying to do an historically accurate representation of Lyndon B Johnson.

Or maybe I'll just make him into a COWBOY. Hmmm...

posted 26/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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This is bloody insane! It takes me a year to write three songs!
posted 26/8/2010 by Pete Green

Have you tried writing songs about Space Cowboys versus Moon Zombies or something? It does make things a lot easier!
posted 26/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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