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What a fine institution is the Great British (or, in this case, English Welsh and Northern Irish) Bank Holiday, for LO! I had a FINE old time of it indulging in some TRADITION.

On Friday I made my TRADITIONAL pilgrimage to Peterborough for the Beer Festival. It was GRATE, but for the rather odd decision by the organisers to change the layout. In all years past you've been able to walk down one side of the MASSIVE tents, through the bands' tent, up the other side and then round the front, making for a DELIGHTFUL perambulation during which you can see how many former PE teachers you can spot staggering around. THIS year the whole thing was in a bizarre "C" shape, so you COULDN'T circumnavigate the festival (there were FENCES to stop you!). This also meant that MUCH less people saw the bands. It was DAFT, but we bravely struggled on.

As I did for most of Saturday. Oh dear. Why does that LONE Bad Pint ALWAYS get me?

On SUNDAY we all set off with various nephews and nieces to the SEASIDE - Walton on the Naze, to be exact, where we sat down for the most TRADITIONAL beach picnic EVER i.e. the tide was coming in so we had to keep moving everything back, it suddenly TIPPED it down with rain, and we all ended up sitting in the car, eating crisps, drinking tea, and LOOKING out of the window at the sea. BRILLIANT! When it cleared up we went to the PIER where I lost a shocking THREE POUNDS on the amusement arcade and then went and made myself feel even LESS well by going on the Waltzers. WHEE!

Yesterday I sat in bed. That "Moon" film is awfully good isn't it?

And as a final FLOURISH of tradition, today is Newsletter day, and the latest issue has just gone flying out to subscribers. It's full of EXCITINGLY NEW things - for LO! what could be MORE traditional than thrilling newness? Well, probably a lot of things, but still: FORWARD!

posted 31/8/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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