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Blog: The Creative Process

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Cor, it's a wonderful thing, the old Creative Process isn't it? I love it when I've got a NEW THING on the go and the BRANE is at FULL TILT. It feels like trying to SOLVE a puzzle while WRITING it at the same time - for instance, in "Moon Horse" I knew there had to be (MILD SPOILERS) a ROPE dangling from the sky into Trafalgar Square at the start, but spent ages worrying about how it got there and who made it. I went through a couple of solutions to this before finding one SO OBVIOUS it made all sorts of OTHER things fall into place, almost as if it had been the answer all along and I'd just had to solve it. The solution involved a SUPER VILLAIN who was SO obvious that I have spelt the past week and a half LARFING about it - truly, it is a thing of GRATE BEAUTY, the old INSPIRATION, even when it involves as much DAFTNESS as this all does.

And believe me, there is DAFTNESS to the MAX - I spent a good chunk of yesterday GIGGLING about some particularly foolish rhymes for "Jupiter" whilst mentally choreographing some STREET DANCE. Obviously all these years reading biographies of and documentaries about Old Fashioned Comedians is finally having its DREAD EFFECT and I have become CONVINCED that the future of ROCK lies in All Round Entertainment. I wrote a song the other day that features a TAP DANCE BREAK. Really.

It's all jolly exciting, but it doesn't mean that I've forgotten about Dinosaur Planet. FAR FROM IT - we're negotiating a bunch of tour dates, and have a MEETING next week to get us fully into the SWING of it. We can confirm ONE date, however - we're playing at The Waiting Room in Stockton-on-Tees on October 23rd! I'm RIGHT looking forward to this, it's always a good night there and you get FREE GRUB! Now THAT'S what the future of ROCK is REALLY about!

posted 2/9/2010 by MJ Hibbett

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